The Importance of Cleaning Your Gutters Year Round

The need to clean your gutters is often a question that many homeowners would wonder why. First of all, water will be prevented from passing on your gutter if debris will be clogging them up. Once you have a backed up water, it can cause damages to your roof and your home below. If the water is directed away from your house, it may flow on your foundation, window well, or onto your yard, causing flooding and possible damage.

In times of winter, icicles usually form in the gutters, and this will weigh down your gutters, leading to nails falling out and turning gutters into loose, which could fall down and creates hazard to the people and objects below them.  Be aware that if gutters are clogged, there is a faster formation of ice that will cause ice dams, leading to a more expensive repair costs. So as to avoid spending so much for your gutter problems, it is important to clean the gutters on a regular basis.

As you have understood the necessity of cleaning the gutters, you may ask as to the right time to clean them. The most typical periods to clean the gutters are during the seasons of autumn as the leaves are falling from trees, and in late spring or early summer as seeds, blossoms, fruits and others would fall from trees. But, if you see some gutter problems, it is advisable to clean them right away at any time of the year.

Take note that you are to access your gutters in a safe manner. As you start to clean your gutters, be reminded that they are not strong enough to carry your weight or accommodate aggressive cleaning materials. When cleaning the gutters, it is therefore advisable to use a step ladder for easy and safe way to conduct the task. In the course of gutter cleaning, be also aware of power lines and avoid them to be safe.  
The basic gutter cleaning tools that you should prepare are a bucket, a pair of waterproof gloves, and a plastic gardening trowel. Be reminded not to use sharp garden trowels as you clean the gutters since this could damage or give a dent to the gutters. Read more great facts on Menifee gutter covers, click here.

There is a possible ice build-up in the gutters during the winter months, and thus it is advisable to buy heat tape in your local hardware store, lay it inside the gutter, and plug it in. As the heat tape warms up, the ice will be sliced through and the debris will be easy to remove.   For more useful reference regarding gutters Menifee, have a peek here.

Cleaning your downspout is also as important as cleaning the gutters since water may not also drain if it is clogged up.
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